Gaining an Online Education in Radiologic Technology

The field of radiologic technology consists of various professionals that are trained to work with imaging tools to help medical professionals diagnose and treat patients. You can pursue a career in this field by enrolling in an accredited online radiologic technology school or college. Not all training can be completed online due to hands on learning being necessary to obtain all the skills needed. You should check the requirements prior to enrollment to make sure that the program is right for your individual needs and career goals.

You can choose to pursue an accredited education at a number of levels by enrolling in an online educational training program. Training programs can be completed at the levels of certificate, associate, bachelor or master degree. The level of education you choose to obtain will decide the length of study required.

Certificates – Training can range from six months to one year depending on the desired career.
Associate Degrees- Obtaining an accredited degree at this level will take around two years.
Bachelor Degrees – Gaining a bachelor level of education will require four years of study.
Master Degrees – Training at the master level for a career in this field can take an additional two years.

By enrolling in an accredited online school in this field you can learn the basics needed to pursue the career and degree or certificate of your choice.

Radiologic Technology training can give you the skills and knowledge you need to enter into the workforce in a number of positions. This can include working as a:

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Ultrasound Technician
X-ray Technician
Radiologic Technologist

…and many other professions. By enrolling in and completing an online learning program you can start the path to the career of your dreams.

Specialized areas of study can be entered by those looking to seek employment in Radiologic Technology. This can include specializing in:


…and other areas of the field. Gaining a specialized education can be completed by learning various subjects. You will have the chance to prepare and gain knowledge in biology, patient care, anatomy, medical technologies, and more. You can also learn computer science, scanning techniques, medical terminology, pathology, safety, and many other related subjects. Training in topics such as these will allow you to seek the employment you long for